Student Life

Student Housing
The College provides dormitories for single men and women. Those students under 25 years of age are required to live in the dorms, except those living with their families. The charge per semester for room and board includes three meals daily, seven days a week. The student is expected to furnish bed linens and personal items.

Social Life
Many social activities are planned each year to foster interaction and fellowship within the student body, such as parties, outings, banquets, and field trips. In addition to campus social experiences, our students may participate in the various fellowship and recreational events sponsored by the Marietta Bible Center Church. These activities give students opportunity to be strengthened spiritually and to develop spiritual-life patterns of living.

Spiritual Life
Spiritual growth in the lives of our students is of utmost importance to faculty and administration. Each student is expected to maintain daily personal devotions in addition to attending to the nightly group devotions in each dormitory. Special times of prayer and devotions are often planned each semester for campus students.

Chapel Services
All full-time students are expected to attend the chapel services held three times each week. Part-time students are required to attend chapel on days in which they have class. These chapel services are the “heartbeat” of Marietta Bible College, providing a time when the student body can assemble for announcements, fellowship, instruction, and encouragement. Our Chapel pulpit is “hot”, featuring spirit-filled preachers to bring the message of God to students. Some of the greatest preachers in America will be heard in Chapel as well as Godly missionaries and Christian servants to teach and inspire.

Church Attendance
Marietta Bible College expects students to faithfully worship the Lord in the services of the local church. Students are required to attend Sunday School, Sunday morning worship service, as well as special services such as Prayer Conferences and Evangelistic Meetings. All students both single and married must attend the services of the Marietta Bible Center Church, unless permission has been granted otherwise by the administration or the student has been reared in another local church in our area.

Christian Service
At Marietta Bible College, we do not believe in preparing students for an extended time and then having them begin to serve. Instead, we believe our students should serve the Lord as they prepare. All full-time students must be involved with Christian service endeavors each week. Many opportunities for service are provided through the various ministries of the Marietta Bible Center Church.