Prospective Students

Admission Procedure

Freshmen and transfer students must complete the following steps in order to enroll at Marietta Bible College:

  1. Obtain an application form and all materials necessary for the application process. Write to: Admissions Office, Marietta Bible College, 4070 St Rt 60, Marietta, Ohio 45750.
  2. Complete the application form in full and return it with the application fee. The application must include a statement of personal testimony and a recent photograph of the applicant.
  3. Provide the names and addresses of three references (one pastor/elder, one academic, and one general) on the application form.
  4. Request that high school or college transcripts be sent to the Director of Admissions at the College address.

The College will attempt to maintain contact will all applicants prior to Registration to notify them of their status.


Transfer Students

In addition to the basic admission procedure, students who will be transferring to MBC from other colleges must have a transcript of their work sent from the school where credits have been received. An evaluation of the transcript will be made to determine which credits of work can be accepted. Credit is given for all courses which are considered to be equivalent to those courses offered at MBC. Only courses where a grade of “C” or above has been earned will be transferable. A student must earn at least thirty hours of credit in residence at MBC to receive a diploma from the College.


Financial Information


Payment of Accounts

Students are expected to pay their expenses to the college either in full at the beginning of each semester, or through a monthly payment plan.

Prompt payment of accounts is expected. Grade reports will not be given at mid-term unless one-half of the semester bill is paid, and not at the end of the semester unless the total bill is paid.

A student in arrears financially at the conclusion of the semester will not be enrolled for the following semester until he has taken care of the unpaid balance.

At graduation, no diploma will be given, nor transcripts, until all financial obligations have been fully met.