About Marietta Bible

Statement of Position

Marietta Bible College operates as a legal institution in the State of Ohio, Revised Code, Chapter 1713.02 (March 1989). The school underwent the complete review process by Ohio board of Regents in 1988 and was offered State licensure. The license was refused, because of our Biblical conviction, that such acceptance would place the State in authority over the church, the rightful position of Jesus Christ only (Colossians 1:18). Therefore, this institution is not certified by the Board of Regents nor the State of Ohio.



Marietta Bible College is an outgrowth ministry of the evening Bible Institute operated since 1960. By a unanimous secret-ballot vote on September 29, 1976, the congregation of the Marietta Bible Center Church approved a plan to begin a full-scale training institution of higher learning, operated as a part of the church ministry. Marietta Bible College was the name chosen for this “new voice for God’s timeless message”. The school officially opened in September of 1977. Over twenty-five graduating classes have completed training at Marietta Bible College. Ninety-two percent of those graduates currently remain in the full-time service of the Lord.



The primary purpose of Marietta Bible College is to prepare men and women for full-time service of our Lord Jesus Christ. In order for our students to be properly prepared, the school will provide both classroom experiences and practical field work experiences, thus providing a balanced program of study and service.



As a means of fulfilling the purpose of the school, emphasis will be given to fulfillment of the following objectives:

  1. To provide the student with a thorough background of the Word of God through a comprehensive study of each of the 66 books of the Bible.
  2. To establish within the student the basic doctrines of the Bible and fundamental principles of the Christian life.
  3. To acquaint the student with the tools and skills necessary to rightly divide the Bible and to communicate its message to others.
  4. To teach and inspire the student to fulfill the Biblical commandment to be a personal soul-winner.
  5. To provide sufficient courses in general education so as to give the student a proper foundation for life.
  6. To give the student a variety of avenues in which to gain direct experience in serving the Lord through individual and group efforts of the local church.
  7. To develop within the students the Christian character qualities that will be needed to face the testing of Christian service in today’s world.